La storia

Our company was founded in 1950 in Valduggia, in the heart of the valve and tap district of Valsesia.
At first concentrating on the production in cast iron, we moved on to working with brass in the Seventies and specialising in the development and production of pressure reducing valves and heating products in general.

We further integrated our offer in the early Eighties with the unveiling of two new product groups, connections and accessories for water pipelines, dropping cast iron production.

We reached an important milestone in 1995, theUNI EN ISO 9011 Certification, issued by the certification authority BVQI ITALIA.


Our esearch and development activity carries on as it did before in our internal lab, however, with an even greater enthusiasm that permits us over time to constantly improve our product standards from a technological viewpoint so that the same are always in compliance with the latest regulations on various international markets and satisfy the demands of our clients as completely and precisely as possible.
We made a further move towards innovation in 2008 with the presentation of the Sunshine line, which is a line of accessories for solar heating.

Our products

Our production over time, as we have demonstrated herein, has evolved and presently counts five product lines:

all developed and produced in line with the system of values that distinguishes us, which is based on the quality, Italian origin and innovation of the product oriented towards the complete satisfaction of our sector's demands.
Our company mission stems from these values and can be summarised as the will to create a synergy with the client in order to interact with the same for the resolution of problems, development of designs and to exchange and share experiences, all in the scope of a more rational use of water, the resource that shortly will become, in our opinion, the most important for the future of our planet.