Officine Rigamonti back in Russia at the Aqua-Therm, Moscow.

Published: 22 January 2016

Officine Rigamonti will attend the Aqua-Therm Moscow (2 to 5 February 2016, Stand B221 - Hall 14), the most important event in the Thermohydraulic sector in Russia.

Customized products and enhancement of the Made in Italy, these are the strengths that the company will bring to the over 25,000 participants of this prestigious fair, sharing with his way of living and working, presenting its technology and showing through its products the importance of raw materials and compliance with professional craftsmanship.

Thanks to a strong knowledge of the industry, the company is able to handle all the different existing regulations for each market in which it operates and has a strong flexibility for the development of products designed for specific needs.

Officine Rigamonti has been able to build a special dialogue with its customers, satisfying every type of order and creating products "tailor made" entirely designed and manufactured in Italy which are well suited to the weather conditions and housing of the Russian Federation.