OR National Sales Accounts Meeting.

Published: 29 January 2015

On 15 and 16 January has taken place the Officine Rigamonti National Sales Accounts Meeting, a two days meeting dedicated to the discussion of the company’s commercial objectives and strategies, in the beautiful setting of Ticino Park, at the Agriturismo Cascina Caremma, chosen as the location for the event.

The first day the Rigamonti team has shared with participants the results achieved during the 2014, as well as future perspectives and objectives for 2015. During the meeting were also presented new products and activities that will characterize the company and it’s offer in 2015, all news will be made public in the forthcoming months. After the meeting the sales agents competed in an Airsoft tournament, translating the effort to achieve common results in a game based on the simulation of a real military strategy which requires application, determination and team spirit. The first day ended with a delicious dinner based on genuine local products.

The second day all participants focused on the development of local strategies and the discussion on how their application in local regional areas can contribute to the creation of the whole national sales strategy.